Tyler Radiology Associates, P.A is one of Texas' most advanced radiology practices with a history of superior medical care. Serving Tyler for nearly 60 years.

Our practice has steadily grown to 19 radiologists with training from across the nation.

Today, the cutting edge technology of radiology gives physicians and their patients an efficient means of studying all of the body's systems. The vast majority of diagnoses are now made non-invasively without the need for surgery or other procedures. Modern imaging allows for pinpoint accuracy, giving patients and their physicians the power to make informed decisions about treatment plans. By detecting disease at its earliest stage, radiologists are rapidly emerging as leaders in preventive care.

At Tyler Radiology Associates, P.A. we make it a priority to stay abreast of the ever-changing face of medicine. We actively recruit physicians from premier training hospitals who bring a broad array of expertise to eastern Texas.

Our organization ensures premium patient-oriented radiological diagnosis in a number of ways. With the largest staff of radiologists in the Tyler area, we offer unparalleled subspecialty expertise, and we have the greatest experience interpreting both common and complex examinations by rendering diagnoses at all the major medical care facilities in Tyler.

We take great pride in our work, and we have a singular purpose:
To provide the highest quality radiological care in the region.

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